green transportation technology company

                       Bellbrook Ohio

Green Werks builds awesome ebikes and sport etrikes

Make no mistake about it people, our products are for the mature and sensible individual with a good head on their shoulders that has a healthy respect for others and the power of a hi performance vehicle.

Used properly our products are safe and are easily used as transportation, 50 to 100 mile rang with out peddling. But If you can not exercise some discipline and you find your self saying (Hey yall watch dis) this is not for you and for your own safety and the safety of others around you it would be better to look at some other product. 

Our projects are custom one offs, built for your area's terrain and how you ride.

Our test ebike and etrike operate in a location that has a lot of steep hill climbs and they can take them with power to spare, straight up dude.
Distance performance comfort all play a part in the set up.
Before any money is spent  i will know exactly what system will work for you. 

Everything revolves around how far you want to go on a charge
and if you are going to run on flat surfaces or you will have to climb some steep grades.

When all that has been established then we will have a better picture

of what battery motor controller brake set up and rear wheel size that you will need.