New electric endure bikes and recumbent trikes


This site is being updated  new material is added daily

At Green Werks we build new custom enduro electric ebikes and recumbent etrikes and do

conversion's for your bike or trike

Our builds are custom one off's built around your wants and needs and what they will be used for

Distance performance comfort quality all play a big part in the build

Everything starts out with a bare frame, for the endure bike we use the EEB frame

and on the trike we use the KMX frame, these frames were chosen for their strength and durability 

Two different size battery's are offered a 52v or a 72v they both have been field tested out to be excellent performers in distance and power output.

Choose what ever components you want to use for the suspension wheels tires crank set brakes

That is all up to you. 


green transportation technology company  

                          Bellbrook Ohio