Specialized  ebike etrike conversions


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Green Werks   Specialized one off etrike and ebike conversions 

GW has invested a substantial amount of time and money testing different  motors batteries and controllers to find out in real world with out the BS  what really performs the best. 

GW  decided to use the Humble Direct Drive Hub Motor  for their power output and simplicity.

All hub motors are not created equal and using the right one makes a big difference in  it's hill climbing ability and efficiency for long distance.

Our controllers are sine wave 18 fet programmable  they are efficient and run cool  under loads

It will handle up to a 100 volts and 100 amps  of power

The battery is probably the most important and expensive component of the entire build.

In a nut shell  (the battery is everything.)

Many miles of testing  has proven  that the 52v 24 or 28 amp hour Panasonic GA cell battery

with a  50 amp continuous and 70 amp burst bms  is good for about a 60 to 70 mile range on a ebike  with  26 inch wheels.

The long range  battery is a 72v 30 amp hour Samsung 30Q cell  with a  70 amps continuous and 100 amp  burst bms,

this will yield a 100 mile range using a 26 inch rear wheel. 

When talking about range all of our numbers are based on  flat and hilly terrain combined  with out peddling

To keep a handle on everything we use the Grin Technologies Cycle Analyst

It is a remarkable tool  for setting up and fine tuning everything  in the power system

you will be amazed at what you can do with it.