green transportation technology company

                       Bellbrook Ohio

Performance ebikes and sport etrikes

Our builds are for the mature and sensible individual with a good head on their shoulders that has a healthy respect for others and the power of a hi performance vehicle.  

a 50 to 100 mile rang with out peddling.

Our builds are custom one offs, built for your area's terrain and how you ride.

Our test ebike and etrike operate in a location that has a lot of steep hill climbs.

Our bikes and trikes can take them with power to spare.
Distance performance comfort all play a part in the set up.

The majority of our clients are older people   (Baby Boomers) like me.

They want to maintain a active life style but for medical reasons can't go out and peddle a bike or trike

very far at all, usually  that means having to give up something that brings them joy.

ebikes and etrikes change all that, now a person with a physical handicap can go out and enjoy the day

get some fresh air and sunshine, ride with their friends and have a blast with out the wear and tear on their body, you can get as little or as much exercise that you want it's up to you.

You control how much you peddle and how much you don't