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                 Green Werks  f8e-2016

                    Base price $4000.00

Frame : KMX f8

Battery  Options: 52v 28ah 50 amp continuous  BMS Panasonic GA cell or the Samsung 72v 30ah 30Q cell
Controller : 8000w 100v 100a 18 fet sine wave
Motor : 205 V2 35mm
Monitoring and limiting system : Cycle Analyst V3 with remote handle bar control
Tires : Maxxis Hookworms 16 and 20 inch 110 psi  
Weight : 88 lb. w 52v battery

100 lb. with the 72v battery
Distance : 50+ miles with out peddling  52v
100 miles  with the 72v 30ah Battery

f8-e a straight up trike work horse strong and powerful ,a 50 mile range with the 52v battery

and 100 mile range with the 72v battery.                 ( all of our distance figures are based on all motor)

No problem climbing hills, go's up 1/4 mile steep grades at 20 mph at half throttle with the 52v battery
Assembled from  hand picked and tested parts starting from the frame up.

Different options can be installed according to what you might want.

Suspension                               Hydraulic Disc Brakes            

Battery up grades                   Different Seat options 

Custom Gearing                      Modified Seat

The f8e-2016 is Built around  the KMX Kart frame with a  20 inch rear / 16 inch front combination

Hi carbon steel square tubing,  strong and light a quality Tig welded platform to build on.

The chassis can be set up with about any wheel size  from 16 to 20 inch front and a 20 24 or 26 inch in the rear

The 26 inch rear wheel offers midrange power, Hi efficient cruse control and higher top speeds and distance, 
The 20 inch rear is brings on more torque and acceleration a real Hill climber.   Awesome

Seat height can be set to were ever you want it to be,  Hi for easy access or slammed for low CG corning and handling.


                                                       The f8e-2016 is a Blast to ride, set up a demo and come check it out.