Latest Sinewave Controller
Up to 8000W of Powerful and 100A for powerful acceleration and top speed
Up to 100V
Regen Braking
Cycle Analyst V3 Compatible
Can boost top speed and motor RPM with Field Weakening
Compatible with most hub motors such as 9C, Crystalyte, Cromotor, MXUS, EDGE, and QS Motor


72v  30ah cube                             $1300.00
Cells:  Samsun INR18650-30Q cells 
(Ultra Long Range)
BMS output: 100A peak
Perfect for High Performance Applications 

   Distance Performance Reliability

          Research and Development



The ERT and WCEC 18 fet controller it our controller of choice

Being heat is wasted energy we want everything to  be cool

The more fetts you have the better the heat distribution

the controller rated at 100v 100a  makes it a no brainer for a 52v or 72v system