The Cycle Analyst gives you all the information needed to set up your power system for any thing you want it to do

right at your thumb tips in real time adjust on the fly.

It is great for status check of your battery, keeps track of how many charge cycles it has gone through

Tells you how much battery you have on tap like a fuel gauge in a car

Tells you your speed and how many amps and watts it takes to maintain that speed

Tells you your max watts and amps your controller is pulling and you can set it to what ever you want, 

Cruse control, Easy to see in direct sun lite with it's large LCD screen

Tells you how many watt hours you are using per mile which it great for calculating  battery real world Distance.

It has a hub temperature read out so when you are under heavy long term loads like climbing a long steep hill you can

monitor the temp. you can also set it up to roll back on the power if the temps become to hi saving your motor and battery.

The list of functions it will preform goes on and on these are just a few.

                                                                 Cycle Analyst   Don't leave home with out it

                                                                                what's on your handle bars

   Distance Performance Reliability

          Research and Development


CA V3  $150.00

CA V3 Button  $175.00