Frame : KMX f8

Battery:   Samsung 72v 30ah 30Q cell 100 amp BMS
Controller : 8000w 100v 100a 18 fet sine wave
Motor : 205 V2 35mm
Monitoring and limiting system : Cycle Analyst V3 with RHC
Tires : Maxxis Hookworms 16 and 20 inch 110 psi  

Weight:   100+ lb
Distance : 100+ miles  WOP

   Distance Performance Reliability

          Research and Development


The  f8-e Traveler  new for 2018.

We have put the finishing touches to the proto type f8-e Traveler

Using the standard f8-e which we love .

Starting out buy raising the seat height by 5 inches. you can get out just by standing up

We moved the seat forward and extended the front half of the seat dishing it up creating more of a hold you in place bucket style race seat.

We added bigger rear seat support tubing for a more rigid tie in.

A new battery mount that allows the battery to be mounted under the seat .

Our favorite Luna triangle bags one on each side can now be used for storage .

The battery bag has two zip open pouches for storage also

The traveler has a total of 6 compartments in which to carry stuff


Air Pump

Extra tubes

water bottles


Cell Phone

Music Player


You can be loaded for Bear be out for the Day do a little 100 mile loop.

As always everything is extremely stealthy

Simple, clean ,non intrusive, Harmless looking.