Motor : 205 / V2 / 35mm

1500W Continuous 2600W Peak power
35mm wide magnet.
11.48Kv means 596.96 RMP with 52v
16AWG Phase wires,
Temp Sensor.
Motor Weight = 16.6lbs
Aluminum stator
Thin laminations for high efficiency.


   Distance Performance Reliability

          Research and Development


72v  30ah cube                             $1300.00
Cells:  Samsun INR18650-30Q cells 
(Ultra Long Range)
BMS output: 100A peak
Perfect for High Performance Applications 

This Little  205 / V2 / 35mm is just plain awesome

A small block Hot Rod  electric DD hub motor.

It is rated at 1500w continuous and 2600w peak

The Luna 52v Battery when fully charged to 58.8v is capable of producing burst of 4116 Watts

With the Cycle Analyst limited to 50 amps max, that will produce 2940 watts

I have seen 2600 watts climbing hills at 20 mph and the motor barely gets warm

V2 means that it has a Aluminum Stator which means better heat dispersion than a steel core

All this ad's up to a 90% efficiency rating All in all one sweet little motor